About Us

ALBATROS TOURS & ALBATROS  PADI RESORT definitely one of the liders in diving operation in the Galapagos Islands, since 1999 continuity we have been offering safe, and high quality diving services and land tours that fulfill all your expectation.


ALBATROS DIVE RESORT is looking forward to serve and show you the wonders of the Galapagos Archipelago which is one of the submarine worldwide seven wonders, natural heritage of the humanity and sanctuary of whales. All our staff is experienced and certified either by the national Park and PADI.

ALBATROS TOURS & DIVE RESORT ALBATROS our operation Resort is located in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, in the middle of The Galápagos Islands. We offer a collage of options so that you can select one according to your needs and request. Our programs offer the Diving Highlights of the south of the archipelago. Our programs are from one day daily trip or 5 to 8 days.