Dive site descriptions

ACADEMY BAY – Beginner/ Intermediate. Easy diving with a Little current: Sea lions. Sting rays, star fish, octopus, and reef fish.

Gordon's Rock - Advanced dive: Stronger currents with school of hammerhead, Galapagos sharks, spotted Eagle rays, morays eels. This is considered to be one of the better sites in the central region of the Galapagos Archipelago. It is in fact the remains of a crater measuring about 100 meters in diameter and is located to the north of the Plaza islands

This is another site where the conditions will remind you why the Galapagos is not a beginner diver destination. Surge and current can be strong here and it is often referred to locally as ‘the washing machine’. Yet the marine life seems to love the conditions, as evidenced by the sheer number of creatures. Hammerhead sharks, often seen in impressive sized schools, normally steal the headlines here. However there is a supporting cast including eagle rays, Galapagos sharks, manta rays, turtles and an exceptional amount of fish.

Champion Island – Champion Islet is located Northeast of Floreana and Soutwest of Enderby. Champion is a great place for watching sea turtles, sea lions, schooling fish and coral. Depth ranges from 6 – 40+ meters (20 – 130+ feet) and visibility averages 9 – 24 meters (30 – 80 feet)- Current is moderate and usually comes from the Southeast. Surge is moderate.

FLOREANA – Intermediate. Several options to dive like Champion and Cormorant Point. Ref fish and sharks , sea lions sea turtles Galapagos Gardner eels , sea urchins , star fish , corals , sea horses.

Pta. Cormorant – Punta Cormorant is located on the north coast of Floreana. It is the best place to visit, offers excellent sand beaches of different colors and one of the largest gaps of flamingos in the Galapagos Islands. Punta Cormorant has a volcanic origin has craters that house reefs provide one of the best places for swimming and snorkeling.

Daphne Minor – Intermediate. Fantastic wall and cave diving. Daphne Minor is next to Islas Daphne and is located in Galápagos, Ecuador. Daphne Minor has a length of 0.9 kilometers.

North Seymour – Intermediate. Big animals like sea lions, hammerhead and manta rays. The area is not very deep (about 20m) but sometimes there is quite a lot of current. You start from the eastern corner and following the major currents, you dive relatively fast over the rock plateau. Galapagos sharks cruise around and there are fish everywhere. There is a large sandy area at 15m with a large colony of endemic garden eels.

Mosquera – Intermediate. Schools of Garden eels, reef sharks, Eagle rays, and sea lions. This is a sandy islet which lies north to south in a shallow area between Baltra and Seymour. There’s a cleaning station at about 15 m where snappers are in abundance and hammerheads may gather. The large colony of garden eels often has a large field of cushion stars beyond.