Eden First Class Yacht Galapagos Islands

For those who prefer a more comfortable environment, Eden's elegant interior refined details is sure to please. Her 8 double cabins, all with private bathrooms and hot water, are complemented by a library, T.V. with DVD video, restaurant/bar and sundeck.

Eden was buildt in 1996 and completely refurbished in 2012, it accomodates 16 guests ,its itinerary is one of the most complete ,giving you the opportunity to see a wide variety of sites in Galapagos Islands with all they have to offer.


Eden has 8 double cabing on 3 decks ,all with a private bathroom and shower with hot and cold water , 24 hours electicity and sockets providing 110 V allowing you to charge all your cameras,laptops or any electronic equipment ,the cabins on board are divided like this,4 cabins with lower beds, 1 cabin with queen size bed and 3 cabins with upper and lower beds.

The social areas are ample and comfortable,the main saloon has a large sitting areas for relaxing with a book from its small library ,watching a video about Galapagos or just enjoying a cold drink from the bar , the dinning room has 2 large tables that accomodates 16 people.


Construction: 1996 (Refurbished in 2012)
Generator: 2 Detroit Diesel.
Electricity: 110 V / 220 V
Air - aconditioned: All the cabins.
Navigation: 2 radars,gps navigation and all requiered marineelectronics
Length: 79 Feet.
Speed: 10 Knots.
Capacity: 16 Passengers.
Acomodation: 8 double cabins all with private facilities.
Social areas: Dining room, living room, bar, sundeck and entertaiment center.
Crew: 8 + 1 bilingual Naturalist Guide.

Aida Maria yacht

The sixteen passenger Aida Maria offers a great combination of comfort, style and economy for tours in the Galapagos. Each of the eight double cabins has a private bathroom with hot showers , air conditioning , an ample external deck to enjoy sunny Galapagos days. The M/Y Aida Maria started operating in the galapagos islands in 1997 offering cruises around the islands as a charter yacht as well as for individual travellers.

Aida Maria galapagos cruises It's design is based in efficiency and comfort with ample social areas and 8 cabins providing optimum  comfort for your experience exploring the galapagos. She takes 16 guests in double cabins with private facilities, A/C and hot water and desalinator having unlimited water.

Departure dates for 15 , 8 , 5 day cruises starting Sundays and Thursdays.

The yacht 

The Aida Maria is one of the very few yachts entirely hand made in the Galapagos islands completely from local farms timber wood ,this is one of the most traditional and classic boats in the Galapagos,the owners have been running tours in Galapagos since the 1960's but the family has its roots in Galapagos since the late 1930's.

For a classic experience of the Galapagos with one of the best boats with excellent service ,experienced captain,friendly crew and great food, the M/Y AIDA MARIA is your choice.

The M/Y AIDA MARIA has 8 very comfortable double cabins located on 3 decks , 4 on Main dech 2 on the upper deck and 2 on the sun deck,each cabin has upper and lower beds , private bathroom with hot showers , all cabins have the same price and are assigned on first come first serve basis,so if you want the upper deck cabins please be the first one to make your reservation and ask for availability ,however all cabins are the same size and have the same facilities.


Construction: 1996, Galapagos Islands.
Motor: 2 John Deere (175 HP).
Generator: 2 x yanmar 110 V.
Electricity: 110 V / 220 V
Air - aconditioned: All the cabins and indoor areas
Navigation: Radar, Echosounder, GPS, and all marine electronics
Length: 70 Feet.
Speed: 9 Knots.
Capacity: 16 Passengers.
Acomodation: 8 double cabins (upper and lower beds)with private facilities. 
Social areas: Dining room, living room, sundeck and entertaiment center.
Crew: 8 + 1 bilingual Naturalist Guide.